• Knowledge

    To develop and manage a successful sustainability strategy you likely need to learn new concepts. But you don’t have to become an expert. Resonate provides the sustainability knowledge, experience, and tools you need to leverage and maximize your time and capture the benefits sustainability can generate.


  • Focus

    Sustainability is a broad and deep subject matter. You can’t address every aspect of it – nor should you. Our approach is practical and judicious. We help you home in on the areas that make the most sense for your business. It is our way of making sustainability work for you.


  • Strategy

    Harvesting the low hanging fruit is important, but sustainability can, and should, be more than that. Strategic sustainability goes beyond best practices to identify areas where your business can create value in unique ways that differentiate it in a competitive market.


  • Balance

    Sustainability takes business planning and management beyond the limitations of a profit-only focus to find the right balance of people, planet and profit. When social and environmental factors are considered along with profit, new risks and opportunities are brought to light, creating a culture of efficiency, relevance, preparedness, and innovation.


  • Dedication

    We have a passion for success. Our mission is to co-create a future where all businesses consider their impacts on people and the planet as they grow. The range of business tools and solutions we have developed enables us to work with all business types and budgets to deliver on our mission and passion.


Welcome to Resonate


We know businesses can be successful and do the right thing.


Profitability does not have to come at the expense of the planet or the people on it.


We believe that a company’s ability to manage and improve its impacts on the environment and on people is essential to its long-term viability. 


At Resonate, we help businesses make the right choices: for people, for the planet — and for the bottom line.


We call this “good profits” and we can help you get there.


Services Overview


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Resonate is a Certified B Corporation

Authenticity is a core component of strategic sustainability management. We hold ourselves to a high standard of social and environmental performance because we know how important it is that we exhibit within our own company what we are advising our clients to do in theirs. For us, becoming a certified B Corporation was one way of demonstrating to others the depth of our commitment to triple bottom line management.
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Resonate Sponsors Series on Water and Our Health at The Academy

Resonate sponsored an important series of lectures on water and green building presented this past spring by the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University. The Academy puts on very exciting and informative programming on sustainability and the environment. For more information about more great programs and registration, click here.


News From Resonate


Cleveland Featured in

Resonate’s Co-Founder and Principal, Nancy Cleveland, was featured in the national “Women in CSR” series, on TriplePundit on May 15th. The articles feature interviews with female leaders in sustainability, and highlights each individual’s career path and noteworthy contributions to the field. In this dialogue, Nancy reflects on her work in sustainability and gives insights into the future of Resonate consulting using the Sustrana technology platform that Resonate is developing.


LEED Platinum Certification Achieved for Client Under Resonate’s R. David Chambers Lead

Resonate’s Sustainable Design & Construction Senior Associate, R. David Chambers, LEED BD+C, just finished leading the architectural project team LEED certification for the new headquarters of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington DC. The project achieved USGBC’s LEED Platinum certification under LEED NC 2.2. The completed commercial office building achieved 54 credits out of a total possible 59, and earned points in every category.

Many sustainable features make this unique building a leading example of great environmental design. The new building earned 9 out of 10 points for energy efficiency by maximizing day lighting and sourcing green power from Renewable Choice Energy. Captured condensate irrigates the green roof and sidewalk planters, while reclaimed storm water flushes the toilets. The location of CSIS is public transportation accessible, has minimal parking spaces, and provides ample bicycle parking.

Approximately 300 full-time employees and 700 visitors enter CSIS daily. The final design and construction of the building highlights cooperation between Hickok Cole Architects, Jones Lang LaSalle, Dewberry, HITT Contracting, Sustainable Building Partners, Wiles Mensch, Bliss Fasman, and Trace Incorporated.


Cleveland to Provide Closing Remarks at Law Symposium

Nancy Cleveland will provide the closing remarks at the 2014 Villanova Environmental Law Journal Blank Rome LLP Symposium on Friday, April 4th, at the Villanova School of Law. This one-day conference will explore the business and legal implications of advancing CSR campaigns through social media. The two main panels will focus on the rise of virtual communities as a forum for social change, and legal and ethical issues in green social media.


Anderson to Moderate Panel on Sustainable Investing

Jennifer Anderson will be moderating a panel on Sustainable Investing at the Sustainable Business Network’s Triple Bottom Line Business event on February 25th. The panel will focus on values and performance driven approaches to sustainable investment strategies for businesses, individuals, and non-profits.


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